Gel Nail Extensions in 6 Easy Steps!

Applying gel nails gives you the strength of acrylic nails with the appearance of natural nails. When applying gel nails, you don’t get the strong fumes that you get when acrylics are applied. The gel hardens under UV or Led light. Each layer has to harden under this light for two to three minutes or 90sec in LED lamps. This creates a chemical bond that connects the gel to your nail.


Before an artificial tip can be applied, the natural nail bed has to be clean and dry. If you visit a professional manicurist, your nails will be filed, and your cuticles will be pushed back with an implement known as a cuticle pusher. Dead cuticle debris will then be removed from the edge with a cuticle nipper. Removing the old cuticle and pushing it back will create a more attractive nail bed and will also help nails look longer. Once the nail bed is clean and dry, nail tips may be applied.


For women who are satisfied with their natural nail length, applying an artificial tip may not be necessary. The gel can be applied directly over the nail bed to strengthen and thicken the natural nail. For those opting for length, a faux nail tip or sculpting forms is the next step. The nail tip that best matches your nail shape and width will be used.


Apply the tip.When working with tips and gel, it’s a good idea to refine the tip before you glue it to the nail. This will reduce the bulk of the tip and help achieve a better smile line. If you are using sculpting forms prep the natural nail and apply forms. Apply base gel to the natural nail and pull it down on the form, creating an extension. Cure for 20 seconds and remove the form. This creates a thin extension for you to work on — much like a tip.


Apply the builder gel.Now before you apply the builder layer make sure you wipe each nail surface with a cleanser or a nail dehydratorand double check the shape and lenghts with your client.Apply a primer first and then a bonder( they are two different things) and let it dry for couple of minutes.Next you will apply the hard gel,this is the most difficult part of artificial nail application. If the formulas are applied incorrectly, the nail may appear lumpy, too thick, or crooked.

Pick up small bead of clear gel and place it in the centre of the nail, work it up over the free edge and down to the cuticle area in small circular motions, covering the whole nail, being sure to leave a clear margin around the sidewalls and cuticle. Complete this on four fingers of one hand (you can do 2 at a time if you prefer) curing the nails under the UV/LED lamp as you go, when the four fingers have been done on each hand, apply to the thumbs and cure, at this stage all fingers will have a base of clear gel.


Once the gel has been applied, the nail should be buffed and filed to the desired shape and length. Buffing the nail will also help remove any remaining gel debris.


After the nail has been applied, it's time to find a nail polish color , a shellac colour for longer lasting or simply stick with a classic french manicure

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